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The Visiting Scholar Prof. Shao Changchun hosted the symposium on issues related to CISCO

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On October 8, 2013, the visiting scholar Prof.Shao Changchun was invited to host a symposium on the topic: “China Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation: Its Origin and Future.” The symposium was held in the morning in Conference Room A8-202 of Ming Wen Building. It was jointly chaired by Prof. WangWei, Assistant Principal and Director of the International Exchange Office, and Prof. Yuan Shengyu, Head of the School of International Affairs and Public Administration. Administrative leaders, teachers, and students from various departments of the School of International Affairs and Public Administration and leaders from other administrative sectors, schools, and departments attended the symposium.

At the symposium, Prof. Shao made a detailed introduction concerning why and how the university was assigned to establish the center. He emphasized that the university should take advantage of this great opportunity to improve both scientific research and infrastructure support in relevant areas. He suggested that the university enhance research capacity and enrich educational resources in advance in an effort to cultivate judicial personnel with an international perspective. He hoped that by establishing the center, the university will make a contribution to stabilizing cooperation and investment activities of the SCO member states with China.

Then, both Prof. Wang and Prof. Yuan reaffirmed the importance of establishing the center and of cultivating international judicial personnel. They highlighted that it is not only an opportunity but also a great contribution the university is making for both the local economy in Shanghai and Shanghai Free-Trade Zone, and the entire economic sectors in the YangtzeRiver Delta region.