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Deputy Secretary General of SCO Mr. Haqdod’s visit to CNISCO

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         Deputy Secretary General of SCO Mr. Haqdod arrived at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (SHUPL) on visit on December 5th, 2015.  Guan Baoying, Vice President of SHUPL, Wangwei, Director of the International Department; Chen Xiao, Director of the Office of China Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation (CNISCO), Fan Mingchao, the Vice Director of the International Department, and associated leaders accompanied him on the campus tour and attended the symposium.

       Deputy Secretary General Mr. Haqdod first visited the SHUPL E-Class Off-line Experience Center, where he watched a short documentary on CNISCO and made friendly interactions with the teachers and students. He then went on to visit the campus library and CNISCO and listened to the corresponding report on the engineering and construction of CNISCO. In the end, he attended the symposium in Room 101 at the University Building.


         Guan Baoying, Vice President of SHUPL, said that the arrival of Mr. Haqdod marked another significant event for SHUPL after Secretary General Mezentsev’s visit, both of which were important and impressive steps towards the construction and development of CNISCO. Guan also introduced the basic discipline of construction, teaching staffs, professional settings, school size and so on, emphasizing that CNISCO’s step by step development up to this point has only been made possible with the vigorous support from the Political and Judiciary Commission under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Security, and etc. and with high attention from Shanghai Municipal Committee of CPC and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.


           This visit by Deputy Secretary General will further strengthen the cooperation between CNISCO and SCO. We hope that a long-term and steadfast cooperative mechanism can be established with SCO Secretariat through this opportunity. Mr. Wang Wei, the director of the International Department, reported the specific working situations of CNISCO to Mr. Haqdod.

           In his speech, Deputy Secretary General Mr. Haqdod expressed his great pleasure in visiting SHUPL. He briefed the participants on the development of SCO member states, observer countries and dialogue partners in recent years. At present, anti-terrorism and related security issues have become increasingly prominent, efforts towards safeguarding national and regional security and stability is an endeavor to which SCO attaches great importance. He spoke highly of the Chinese government’s precedence in the construction of CNISCO together with other relevant work and training workshops.

         He highly praised the outstanding university leadership for their strong executive abilities, faculty and teaching capability that has reached international qualification and that CNISCO is an influential talent cultivation base. He believes that this tradition could be inherited by generations to generations. He also provided specific advice and instructions with regard to the future development of CNISCO.

        The symposium concluded in a friendly atmosphere with a group photo.

        Contributed by Li Yu          Photographed by Wang Jia  

        Translated by Ju Mengyun Wang Liqun