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Prof.Yuan Shengyu

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Title: Professor, Master Tutor

Department: School of International Affairs and Public Administration

Research areas: Russian issues, Great power diplomacy

Email: yuanemail@126.com

Professor Yuan Shengyu, born in 1964, studied in Central China Normal University, Wuhan University, and East China Normal University, where he received the Bachelor of History degree, the Master of History degree, and the Doctor of Laws, respectively. He once taught at the International Relations Department of PLA Nanjing International Relation College and at the School of Advanced International and Area Studies of East China Normal University. From 1999 to 2000, he went to Western Sahara as an observer of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara. Currently, he is the Head of the School of International Affairs and Public Administration of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law.

The major areas of his research include comparative politics, theory of international politics, great power relations (US-Russian relations), and contemporary global issues. In addition, he has involved in more than ten national and provincial research projects.

The major publications and translations include: “Diplomatic Race” (Social Sciences Academic Press, 1995), “Contemporary International Relations” (Military Publishing House of Friendship and Literature, 2001), “Russian-US relations in Transformation: Association Studies on Domestic Politics and Foreign Policies” (Social Sciences Academic Press, 2006), “Maneuvers: Russia’s New Diplomatic Strategies” (Chongqing Publishing Press, 2007), “Peaceful Development” (Chongqing Press, 2009), “Weixian Guojia: Meiguo Cong Qiyuan Dao 20 Shiji Chu de Shijie Diwei” (translation in Chinese; with the original title as Dangerous Nation: American’s Place in the World from Its Earliest Days to the Dawn of the 20th Century) (Social Sciences Academic Press, 2011), etc.

The main academic articles include: “Analysis of neo-interventionism”, “Analysis of the domestic political situation in Russia”, “Analysis of the China-US-Russia triangle relations”,  “Evolution of Russian foreign strategies”, “Evolution of Russia’s Policies in the Middle East”, “Relations between Russia and the major countries in the Middle East in the post-Cold War era”, “On the interdependence and the balance in the US-Russia-China-EU relations”, “Reflection on Soviet diplomacy and Russian foreign strategies”, “The current state and prospects of Russian political transition”, “The Iranian nuclear issues and Russia’s policies”, “Non-traditional security issues: A new perspective of China-Russian security cooperation”, “International politics and foreign relations – A study based on Russian-US relations”, “Putin’s diplomacy and Russia’s international role”, “Munich: A new beginning”, “Symbiotic international system : Theory and challenges”, “The geopolitics of energy in Central Asia”, “The non-control mechanism of international cooperation”, “From ‘A City upon A Hill’ to the Monroe Doctrine: The misunderstood isolated myth”, “A transaction costs approach to international politics: A new perspective”, “Beyond the paradigm: Path selection in the international studies”, “The war of western ideologies”, etc.