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Prof.Chen Jianfeng

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Title: Professor, Doctorial Tutor

Professor of the School of International Affairs and Public Administration of SHUPL

Research areas: Civilization, International relations

Email: jfchen@shupl.edu.cn

Chen Jianfeng, born in July 1963, is a professor and doctoral tutor at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. He studied in the College of Foreign Languages & Literature of Northwest Normal University, in Kutztown University, and in the Department of International Politics of Fudan University, where he received the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Master of Education, and Ph. D. in international relations, respectively. In 2006, he was trained as a reserved diplomat by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. He also served as a deputy to the 13th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and to the 5th People’s Congress of Baoshan District at Shanghai. Currently, he is the Director of Academic Affairs Office of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and a member of the China National Association for International Studies. In the past, He has received a variety of awards and honors, including the Teaching Achievement Award by the Ministry of Justice (Second Class), the Shanghai Municipal Teaching Achievement Award (First Class), the Shanghai Yucai Award (i.e., Shanghai Municipal Award for Bringing Up Talents), the Gansu Provincial Teaching Award in Higher Education, and Advanced Individual (four times) and Third Class Merit (four times) in the Shanghai Municipal Judicial Administration System.

In recent years, Prof. Chen’s research has mainly focused on the changes in the international system and international relations from a cultural perspective. He holds that specific political forms are based on particular lifestyle and cultural traditions. To put it shortly, different political systems are based on different cultures. For the world today, the relations between different states are the relationships between different cultures. The human society is a cultural society in essence, so the people – society relationship can be understood as the people – culture relationship. Prof. Chen has achieved several promising outcomes in this area, and his studies have been widely recognized in the academic community. He has published nearly 40 articles on the journals and periodicals in mainland China, Hong Kong, and the United States, and seven monographs/textbooks. In addition, he has involved in 15 research projects funded by the national and the provincial educational authorities and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

His major publications include “The East Asian and West European Order from the Cultural Perspective” (Monograph), “Ideology and Image: Documentary Films and Cultural Strategies of the Ruling Party” (Monograph) (Second author), and “Theories of Contemporary Western International Relations” (Monograph) (Coauthor). The main textbooks with him as an editor include “Contemporary World Economy and Politics” (Bilingual) (Chinese and English Edition), and“Business English Correspondence”.

His representative articles include “The Practice of the Mean: China’s Soft Power Cultivation”, “Reconciliation: China’s strategic choices of the China-US relations,” “Emphasizing reconciliation and deemphasizing transformation: China’s foreign strategic orientation in 30 years after reform and opening up”, “The element of ‘zhong he’ in China’s soft power construction”, “Communication and closing rifts: The inevitable trends in maintaining non-traditional security”, “Chinese values in foreign strategies”, “Contradiction and reconciliation: Where is the world heading for?” “The development of sovereign state and the international order”, “Man, state and interstates relations”, “Keohane and neoliberalism”, “Positive effects of the financial crisis”, “National interests and international integration”, and so on.