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Prof.Pan Guang

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Title: Research fellow, Doctorial Tutor

Chair Expert for China-SCO International Judicial Exchange and Cooperation Training Center

Research area: International relations, World history

Email: panguang@sass.org.cn

Pan Guang, born in Shanghai and raised in Wenchang, Hainan, studied in the Department of International Politics of Renmin University, and in the Department of History of East China Normal University, where he got the bachelor’s degree in political science and the master’s and the doctoral degrees in history, respectively. He is Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Center for International Studies (which was found by Mr. Wang Daohan), a professor and doctoral tutor at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, the Academic Director of the Institute of European & Asian Studies at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Dean of the Center for Jewish Studies Shanghai (CJSS), and Director of the Center for Shanghai Cooperation Organization Studies. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Middle East Studies, the Executive Director of the Chinese Society for European and Asian Studies and of the China National Association for International Studies (CNAIS), and President of the Shanghai World History Association. In addition, he is hired as the Director of the Institute of International Politics at Tongji University, the expert on soft science for the Ministry of Public Security of China and on policy consultant research for Shanghai Government, a consultant for the Municipal Office of Foreign Affairs for Shanghai Government, the member of the expert committee in the Municipal Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs for Shanghai Government and in the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Informatization, as well as the Senior Advisor on Anti-Terror Affairs to Shanghai Municipality. Moreover, he has been awarded the special government allowance granted by the State Council since 1993, and was appraised as the Shanghai Municipal Model Worker in 2001 and the National Model Worker in 2005. Internationally, he serves as International Council Member of Asia Society in USA, Advisory Board Member of Asia Europe Journal (by ASEF) in Singapore, Member of the Board Management Committee of Asian Scholarship Foundation in Bangkok, and Senior Advisor of China-Eurasia Forum in USA. In November 2005, he was nominated as a member of the High-level Group for the UN Alliance of Civilization by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Pan Guang has long experiences in research on international relations and world history and has earned a high reputation in both domestic and international academic communities. In particular, he has gained fruitful achievements in Jewish and Israel studies and studies on the Middle East and Europe issues, Russia and Central Asia issues, Euro-Asia relations, and issues related to the SCO, international crises, modernization, ethnic religion, and anti-terrorism, and published more than ten books and over 100 article. He also gave lectures and visited in a number of countries and areas (such as North America, East Asia, Russia, Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Australia). Furthermore, he obtained the James Friend Annual Memorial Award for Sino-Jewish Studies in 1993; the Special Award for Research on Canadian Jews from China in 1996; the Sankt Peterburg-300 Medal for Contribution to China-Russia Relations awarded by President Putin in 2004; and the Austria Holocaust Memorial Award in 2006.

He has received the Shanghai Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Science (or Deng Xiaoping Theory Research) for eight times, and the Outstanding Achievement Award granted by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences for four times. He was also the leader of the National Social Science Fund Projects during the “6th Five-Year Plan”, the “7th Five-Year Plan”, the “8th Five-Year Plan”, the “9th Five-Year Plan”, and “10th Five-Year Plan”, and of the projects launched by a variety of national administrative sectors, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and the Information Office of the State Council. In addition, he was directly involved in studies on China-Israel relations, China-United States relations, as well as important events such as the upgrading process of the Shanghai Five – SCO. His studies have been valued highly by the Central government; and some of suggestions and countermeasures have been adopted by the government.

His major publications include: “The Jewish Civilization”, “The Revitalization of the Jewish People”, “2003: US War on Iraq”, “The Exploration of the Origins of Major International Issues”, “Contemporary International Crises”, “The Jews in Asia: Comparative Perspective” (in Chinese and English), “The Jews in China” (in Chinese, English, France, and German), “The Jews in Shanghai” (in Chinese and English), “Walking Out of the Closed Circle”, “Israel and Jewish Studies”, “Selected Readings on Arab and African History”, “The Development of Jewish and Israel Studies in China” (in English), “Shanghai Jews Memoirs”, “The Jews in Shanghai since 1840”, “From Silk Road to ASEM: 2000 Years of Asia-Europe Relations”, “A Comprehensive Study on Shanghai Cooperation Organization”, “Rise of China and India: A Comparative Study”, and so on.

The representative journal articles include: 

“Several features of the new wave of global nationalism in the post-Cold War era”, “Anti-Semitism and Zionism Trough Chinese Eyes” (in French, German, and Hebrew), “Research on Israel’s anti-terror strategy”, “China’s success in the Middle East” (in English), “Shanghai Cooperation Organization and China’s peaceful development”, “Analysis on Institutionalization of the ASEM Conference”, “New security perspective and China’s Anti-terror Strategy”, “‘Clash of Civilizations’ and ‘Dialogue of Civilization’”, “Sino-Russian relations: Equal and harmonious strategic partnership”, etc.