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Former President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was Conferred Honorary Professor at SHUPL

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         Former President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mr. Hamid Karzai and his delegation, accompanied by Mr. Yang Jiemian, Director of Academic Committee of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, visited China National Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation (CNISCO) at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (SHUPL) on January 29th, 2016. Vice President of SHUPL, Professor Guan Baoying, the Coordinator of CNISCO and the Director of the International Department of SHUPL Professor Wang Wei, etc. welcomed and accompanied the distinguished guests.

         Student representatives presented a bouquet to Mr. Karzai upon his arrival at SHUPL, and organized a tea ceremony for the distinguished guests at the E-Class Experience Center. Mr. Karzai expressed great interest in the profound Chinese tea culture, watched a short documentary on the construction of CNISCO and sang high praise for the construction progress of CNISCO.

         While visiting the construction site of CNISCO, Mr. Karzai listened to the report on the construction project and saw the architectural rendering. He commented that China’s establishment of CNISCO would facilitate exchanges and cooperation among the SCO member states, help to developcultural and educational exchanges between China and Afghanistan, and strengthen mutual cooperation in the fight against terrorism. When visiting the library, Mr. Karzai was invited to write an inscription. He wrote with great delight in Pashto: “Shanghai University of Political Science and Law is a beautiful university. I am honored that I can pay a visit to it, and I hope Afghan students can come and study here. ”

         SHUPL held a brief but solemn ceremony to confer the title of Honorary Professor. Vice President Guan Baoying, on behalf of SHUPL, conferred Mr. Karzai and issued him a Letter of Appointment. 

         Vice President Guan Baoying said, “ Conferring Mr. Karzai as Honorary Professor of SHUPLis an active attempt to promote SHUPL’s international influence and attract global talents. Mr. Karzai has always dedicated himself to Afghanistan’s peace process, combating terrorism and transnational crimes and is well respected and supported by his people. We hope to further promote mutual educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation with Afghanistan.” Professor Wang Wei, Coordinator of CNISCO and Director of the International Department of SHUPL, said Mr. Karzai enjoys a great influence in the international community and is an important statesman in international cooperation in combating terrorism and transnational crimes. It is hoped that further cooperation in training and education will be developed between CNISCO and Afghanistan, and friendship between our two countries will be strengthened.

         Mr. Kazai made a brief speech during the conferring ceremony. He said, “ It is a great honor that I was conferred Honorary Professor today. China has made tremendous progress in the field of education, so has it in science, technology, humanities, and this beautiful university is a manifestation of theseachievements. I am honored to be involved at a personal level in the strengthening and exchanges of the bilateral relations between China and Afghanistan. I will mention to my Afghan compatriots about China, its urban development, history, culture, and so on, and I hope more Afghan students can come to China to study.”

         Over the past two years, CNISCO has been an important training institute within the SCO framework, dedicating to training senior talents in judicature and law enforcement for SCO member states. So far, CNISCO has launched 6 training workshops for senior officials from departments of law enforcement of SCO member states, and leaders of related national ministries, foreign heads of states and senior officials of governmental organizations have paid visits to CNISCO.

  (Contributed by Wang Yajuan, Ding Yunbao,

                                   Photographed by Zheng Yue, Ding Chenchen,

                                        Translated by Shen Yan, Wang Liqun)

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