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Russia-U.S. Relations in Transformation

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By Yuan Shengyu (Author)

The author explores major factors in the changes in Russian foreign policy during the transformation period from the perspective of the development of Russia’sdomestic politics in this book. The studies of the correlations between Russia’s domestic politics and foreign policy in both domestic and international academic communities provide important references to his analyses.

The author thinks that many researchers seem to have made overly pessimistic descriptions or judgments on the current state of Russian-US relations and its future prospects. He emphasizes the crucial role of internal factors in Russia on Russian-US relations, and agrees that the elements of authoritarianism in Russia’s domestic politics, such as the political tendencies, media control, policy on Chechnya, and even regulations on some entrepreneurs have negative impacts on both the current and the future states of Russian-US relations.

The book also examines the internal transformation of Russian and its political development, as well as their influences on the evolution of Russian-US relations. The author argues that the future direction of Russian-US relations will mainly depend on the development of Russia’s domestic politics.