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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Its Progress and Prospect

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By Pan Guang (Chief Editor)   

As the Project of National Social ScienceFund, the work "Major issue facing the further development of the ShanghaiCooperation Organization" led by a researcher Pan Guang of COSCOS, hasbeen successfully completed. The final outcome of scientific experiments -- themonograph " The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Its Progress andProspect " has officially published. The book is divided into fivesections: General, Security Cooperation articles, articles of economiccooperation, cultural cooperation articles, expansion and foreign relationspapers, together with the SCO memorabilia and references.

In the book, the process of combing the SCOgreat achievements, summed up the significance of the SCO development model,analyzes the challenges and opportunities facing the SCO, a major issue raisedfurther development of the SCO to be resolved, stressed: "despite theproblems and shortcomings, but the mainstream of the SCO cooperation process,which is the SCO can be the root cause of the great achievements. However, ifdo not pay attention, study and solve the problems and shortcomings of the SCO,it is difficult to deepen cooperation and continue  development. Summarize lessons of the past, amajor issue for future research, it is the purpose of this researchproject."